Playing with Angularjs and ol3js

I have started playing with Angular js and Open Layers 3. I think it is rather complex to use Open Layers and often require a lot of knowledge in order to be able to draw the different layers. If you don’t use it on an regular basis it takes a lot of time before the wanted result is achieved. That is why I started creating a set of angular directives that can be used to draw different layers.

Below is an example of the mark up I’m aiming for where I have used as an inspiration of the features needed:

<div open-layer-map zoom="4" center="[-10997148, 4569099]">
 <div map-quest layer="sat"></div>
 <div wms-layer title="Layer title" url="" layer="topp:states" tiled="true" server-type="geoserver"></div> 

This means that I have to create 3 different directives, one for the map, one for the MapQuest map and one for the WMS layer from a GeoServer. The two inner directives has to know about the outer directive so that they can push the layers that they create to the map. The very first step of the code towards achieving this can be found at github.

Apps & Sports

Today I’ve added a page that describes a personal project I’m currently working on Apps & Sports. This page will over time contain more and more information about the progress of the project and include a description of the main features.

In time of writing only one club has signed up – the club where I play squash 🙂 Hopefully this will change over the next six months.

Welcome to my blog. There is no clear purpose with this blog but to start with I will write something about a jQuery plugin that I am currently developing.

The plugin is yet another WYSIWYG editor but this one is using another approach compared to most WYSIWYG editors. Instead of using the browsers built in execCommand function the markup is generated purely with jQuery. It depends on jQuery, jQuery UI and bootstrap, see readme at github for more details. You can see a working demo here.

Please feel free to come with ideas and criticism, my goal is off course to create an editor that can be used widely in production systems but it is also important that it is fun to develop.

Most of the coding will probably be done in the train on my way to and from work so don’t expect the development to go fast . . . .